Our Favourite Inspirational divorce quotes To Help You Let Go After Divorce

Our Favourite Inspirational divorce quotes To Help You Let Go After Divorce

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divorce quotes,funny divorce quotes,divorce quotes for kids,encouragement quotes,break up quotes,marriage quotes,life quotes,inspirational quotes


A divorce is like an amputation; you survive, but there's less of you. — Margaret Atwood,divorce quotes


A divorce lawyer is a chameleon with a law book. — Marvin Mitchelson,divorce quotes


A lawyer is never entirely comfortable with a friendly divorce, anymore than a good mortician wants to finish his job and then have the patient sit up on the table.  —  Jean Kerr


A lot of people have asked me how short I am. Since my last divorce, I think I'm about $100, 000 short. — Mickey Rooney


A new study found that women gain more weight after marriage, but men gain more weight after a divorce. Yeah, the divorce usually takes place after men point out that women gained more weight after marriage. — Jimmy Fallon


A New York divorce is in itself a diploma of virtue. — Edith Wharton,divorce quotes


A society's apprehensiveness about divorce is an expression of its fear of change and of its resulting desire that personality remain unvarying. — Elsie Clew Parsons


Ah yes, divorce…from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet.”  —  Robin Williams,divorce quotes


Alimony  — the ransom that the happy pay to the devil.  — H. L. Mencken,divorce quotes


Alimony is like buying oats for a dead horse.  — Arthur Baer,divorce quotes


American husbands are the best in the world; no other husbands are so generous to their wives, or can be so easily divorced. — Elinor Glyn

Americans, who make more of marrying for love than any other people, also break up more of their marriages, but the figure reflects not so much the failure of love as the determination of people not to live without it." — Morton Hunt


Any woman who votes for no — fault divorce is like a turkey voting for thanksgiving. — Pat Robertson,divorce quotes


Asking the legal system to resolve divorce is like asking a boxing coach to be our marriage counselor. — Warren Farrell


Being divorced is like being hit by a Mack truck. If you live through it, you start looking very carefully to the right and to the left. — Jean Kerr


Better a tooth out than always aching.  — Thomas Fuller,divorce quotes

Divorce is a by — product of the fact that maybe the nuclear unit is gone. — Bob Geldof,divorce quotes


Divorce is a declaration of independence with only two signers. — Gerald F. Lieberman,divorce quotes


Divorce is a failed challenge, which leads to a broken life. It is a socially transmittable disease that can transfer from one generation to another, and it is spreading fast. — Sia F. Dean


Divorce is a game played by lawyers. — Cary Grant


Divorce is an embarrassing public admission of defeat. — Tracy Letts


Divorce is like cutting off a gangrened arm to save the rest of the body. — DAVID KNOX,divorce quotes


Divorce is like death without a burial. — Dane Cunningham


Divorce is probably as painful as death. — William Shatner,divorce quotes


Divorce is probably of nearly the same date as marriage. I believe, however, that marriage is some weeks the more ancient. — Voltaire 


Divorce is the key that opens the strongbox where the bonds of matrimony are kept under wedlock. — EVAN ESAR


Divorce is the one human tragedy that reduces everything to cash. — Rita Mae Brown,divorce quotes


Divorce is the price people play for playing with matches. — Evan Esar,divorce quotes


Divorce is the psychological equivalent of a triple coronary bypass. — Mary Kay Blakely


Divorce is the result of a lack of preparation for marriage and the failure to learn the skills of working together as teammates in an intimate relationship. — Gary Chapman


Divorce is the sacrament of adultery. — Proverb,divorce quotes


Divorce isn't such a tragedy. A tragedy's staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce. —Jennifer Weiner


Divorce lawyers stoke anger and fear in their clients, knowing that as long as the conflicts remain unresolved the revenue stream will keep flowing. — Craig Ferguson


Divorce sucks. Let me tell you, after five years of marriage, it is devastating to have the person with the good credit move out.”  —  Rich Vos


Divorce these days is a religious vow, as if the proper offspring of marriage. — Tertullian,divorce quotes


Divorce: a resumption of diplomatic relations and rectification of boundaries. — Ambrose Bierce,divorce quotes


Divorced men are more likely to meet their car payments than their child support obligations. — Susan Faludi


Divorces are made in heaven.  —  Oscar Wilde,divorce quotes


For a couple with young children, divorce seldom comes as a solutionto stress, only as a way to end one form of pain and accept another. — Fred Rogers


For a while we pondered whether to take a vacation or get a divorce. We decided that a trip to bermuda is over in two weeks but a divorce is something you always have. — Woody Allen,divorce quotes


France may claim the happiest marriages in the world, but the happiest divorces in the world are ''made in America.'' — Helen Rowland


Getting divorced just because you don't love a man is almost as silly as getting married just because you do. — Zsa Zsa Gabor


Gone is the idea that you know where you are headed, that you know who your friends are, that you know who you are. To get divorced is to feel entirely lost on streets that you could once navigate with your eyes closed. The past feels cut off, across a divide, barely visible behind you. — TOVA MIRVIS


Grief is the emotional contract of divorce. — Cheryl Nielsen,divorce quotes


Grown — ups are worried that they're going to ruin their children's lives, but divorce is just a life experience and you learn from it. — Evan Stern


Half of all marriages end in divorce—and then there are the really unhappy ones.  —  Joan Rivers,divorce quotes


I can’t get divorced because I’m a Catholic. Catholics don’t get divorced. They stay together through anger and hatred and festering misery, just like God intended.”  —  Lenny Clarke


I can’t take his genius any more.”  —  Rita Hayworth,divorce quotes


I do not consider divorce an evil by any means. It is just as much a refuge for women married to brutal men as canada was to the slaves of brutal masters. —Susan B. Anthony


I don't miss him, I miss who I thought he was. — Unknown Author


I don't think i'll get married again; i'll just find a woman i don't like and give her a house. — Lewis Grizzard,divorce quotes


I doubt if there is one married person on earth who can be objective about divorce. It is always a threat, admittedly or not, and such a dire threat that it is almost a dirty word. — Nora Johnson


I find to my astonishment that an unhappy marriage goes on being unhappy when it is over. — Rebecca West,divorce quotes


I look at divorce this way: it’s better to have loved and lost, than to live with that bitch for the rest of my life.  —  Steve McGrew


I swear, if you existed I'd divorce you. — Edward Albee,divorce quotes


If divorce has increased by one thousand percent, don't blame the women's movement. Blame the obsolete sex roles on which our marriages were based. — Betty Friedan


If marriage means you fell in love, does divorce mean you climbed out?” — Unknown


If you think you have trouble supporting a wife, try not supporting her. — Unknown Source


I'm an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house. — Zsa Zsa Gabor


In every marriage more than a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find and continue to find grounds for marriage. — Robert Woodruff Anderson


In Hollywood, an equitable divorce settlement means each party getting fifty percent of publicity. — Lauren Bacall


In our family we don't divorce our men  —  we bury them. — Ruth Gordon,divorce quotes


In Palm Springs, they think homelessness is caused by bad divorce lawyers.  —  Garry Trudeau,divorce quotes


Instead of getting married again, I’m just going to find a woman I don’t like and give her a house.  —  Lewis Grizzard


It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him. — Abraham Lincoln


It is he who has broken the bond of marriage  — not I. I only break its bondage. — Oscar Wilde,divorce quotes


It takes two to destroy a marriage. — Margaret Trudeau,divorce quotes


It was one of those ridiculous arrangements that couples make when they are separating, but before they are divorced—when they still imagine that children and property can be shared with more magnanimity than recrimination.  —  John Irving


It's a straightforward matter of equality: it's outrageously unfair that heterosexuals shoulder alone the burden of keeping divorce lawyers in Italian sports cars — Mark Simpson


I've been involved in something which was chaotic and insane. All I can say now is that I am, and intend to stay, a single man.  — Sylvester Stallone


I've given my memoirs far more thought than any of my marriages. You can't divorce a book. — Gloria Swanson,divorce quotes


I've never been married, but I tell people I'm divorced so they won't think something's wrong with me. — Elayne Boosler,divorce quotes


Just another of our many disagreements. He wants a no — fault divorce, whereas I would prefer to have the bastard crucified. — J. B. Handlesman


Like I said, I've got too much respect for women to marry them, but that doesn't mean you can't support them emotionally and financially. — Sylvester Stallone


Losing a mate to death is devastating but it's not a personal attack like divorce. When somebody you love stops loving you and walks away, it's an insult beyond comparison. — Sue Merrell


Love, the quest; marriage, the conquest; divorce, the inquest. — Helen Rowland,divorce quotes


Many a woman would get a divorce if she could do it without making her husband happy. — Evan Esar


Marriage is grand. Divorce is about twenty grand. — Jay Leno,divorce quotes


Marriage is like a coffin and each kid is another nail.” — Homer Simpson,divorce quotes


Marriage is probably the chief cause of divorce. — Larry Gelbart,divorce quotes


Marriage is the chief cause of divorce.” — Groucho Marx,divorce quotes


Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.” — Oscar Wilde,divorce quotes


Marriage isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Let me tell you, honestly. Marriage is probably the chief cause of divorce.”  —  Larry Gelbart


Marriage problems are relationship problems, they are the result of how two people interact with each other. You may abandon a troubled marriage, but you will still bring the way you interact with others along with you. — Mark Gungor,divorce quotes


My divorce came to me as a complete surprise. That's what happens when you haven't been home in eighteen years. — Lee Trevino


Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience." — Victoria Holt,divorce quotes


Nice people don't necessarily fall in love with nice people.” ― Jonathan Franzen


Nowadays love is a matter of chance, matrimony a matter of money, and divorce a matter of course.  —  Helen Rowland


On second marriages: “The triumph of hope over experience.” — Samuel Johnson,divorce quotes


Paying alimony is like feeding hay to a dead horse. — Groucho Marx,divorce quotes


Regret and fear are twin thieves that rob us of today." — Robert Hastings,divorce quotes


Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together." — Anonymous


She cried, and the judge wiped her tears with my checkbook.” — Tommy Manville


So many persons think divorce a panacea for every ill, who find out, when they try it, that the remedy is worse than the disease. — Dorothy Dix


Some people think that it's holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it's letting go. — Unknown Author


Some women get divorces on the grounds of incompatibility; others, on just the first two syllables. — Evan Esar


Sometimes divorce is better than marriage. — Sumner Redstone,divorce quotes


Staying married may have long — term benefits. You can elicit much more sympathy from friends over a bad marriage than you ever can from a good divorce.  —  P.J. O’Rourke


Thank God you can flee, can escape from that massy five — foot — thick maggot — cheesy solidarity which overlays the earth, in which men and women in couples are ranked like ninepins. — WILLIAM FAULKNER


The difference between a divorce and a legal separation is that a legal separation gives a husband time to hide his money” — Johnny Carson


The divorced person is like a man with a black patch over one eye: he looks rather dashing but the fact is that he has been through a maiming experience. — Jo Coudert


The easiest way to get a divorce is to be married. — American Proverb,divorce quotes


The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. — Chinese Proverb


The happiest time of anyone's life is just after the first divorce. — John Kenneth Galbraith,divorce quotes


The loss of love is not nearly as painful as our resistance to accepting it is." — Tigress Luv


The obvious effect of frivolous divorce will be frivolous marriage. If people can be separated for no reason they will feel it all the easier to be united for no reason. — G. K. Chesterton


The only solid and lasting peace between a man and his wife is, doubtless, a separation. — Lord Chesterfield


The only time my wife and I had a simultaneous orgasm was when the judge signed the divorce papers.”  —  Woody Allen,divorce quotes


The possibility of divorce renders both marriage partners stricter in their observance of the duties they owe to each other. Divorces help to improve morals and to increase the population. — Denis Diderot


The power of divorce can be given only to those who feel the inconveniences of marriage, and who are sensible of the moment when it is for their interest to make them cease. — Montesquieu


The real wonder is that anyone stays together, as impossible to live with and as broken as we all are. — KYRAN PITTMAN


The snag about marriage is, it isn't worth the divorce. — Suzanne Finnamore,divorce quotes


The three chief causes of divorce are men, women, and marriage. — Evan Esar


The worst reconciliation is better than the best divorce. — Miguel de Cervantes,divorce quotes


There are four stages in a marriage. First there's the affair, then the marriage, then children and finally the fourth stage, without which you cannot know a woman, the divorce. — Norman Mailer


There is a rumor that seven states are considering overpruning as a cause for divorce, second only to incompatibility and adultery. I hope our state is one of them. No judge would dare deny me freedom after he heard the story of my privet hedge. — ERMA BOMBECK


They ought to do away with divorce settlements. Instead, both parties should flip a coin. The winner gets to stay where he or she is and keep everything. The loser goes to Paraguay. — SUZANNE FINNAMORE


Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." — Alfred Lord Tennyson,divorce quotes


To get over my divorce, I got a prescription to live at the Playboy mansion for a while.”  —  James Caan


Two lives that once part are as ships that divide. — Edward George Bulwer — Lytton,divorce quotes


What we wait around a lifetime for with one person, we can find in a moment with someone else.” ― Stephanie Klein


When it is time to part, then it is time to part. There should be no regrets. The beauty of marriage is like the fleeting perfection of a snowflake. — Deng Ming — Dao


When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." — Alexander Graham Bell


When people divorce, it's always such a tragedy. At the same time, if people stay together it can be even worse. — Monica Bellucci


When two people decide to get a divorce, it isn't a sign that they don't understandone another, but a sign that they have, at last, begun to. — Helen Rowland


Why do Jewish divorces cost so much? They're worth it. — Henny Youngman,divorce quotes


Workaholicism is such a tough addiction to get over. I had to divorce my wife because she was an enabler.”  —  Dave Mordal


You can't stay married in a situation where you are afraid to go to sleep in case your wife might cut your throat. — Mike Tyson


You don't know a women till you've met her in court. — Norman Mailer,divorce quotes


You have to forgive to forget, and forget, to feel again." — Unknown


You know why divorces are so expensive? Because they’re worth it.”  —  Willie Nelson,divorce quotes


You know, that's the only good thing about divorce; you get to sleep with your mother. — Clare Boothe Luce


You never know how short a month is until you pay alimony.  — John Barrymore


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