funny birthday quotes friends

funny birthday quotes friends

Enjoy our best and funniest birthday quotes for friends,as true friend,you should 

never forgot her (his) birthday,give them the best birthday wishes,is a good 



I was gonna give you something awesome for your birthday, but the mailman made me get out of the mailbox.


They say love is all you need… So I forgot to buy a birthday present. Happy Birthday!


If you want to look young and thin on your birthday. Hang around a bunch of old fat people.


Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternatives.

Forget the fact that you are aging,
and let us start celebrating!
Happy birthday!


Wherever I go, people celebrate my birthday.
Whenever you go, people celebrate your birthday…


Like a lot of other men my age I have been thirty for ten years now, but I’ve decided today’s the day to move up to thirty one! Come back in ten years and I’ll be turning thirty two.


Don't worry about your age,
you will be older next year…
Happy birthday!


Forget the past, you can’t change. Forget the future, you can’t predict it. Forget the present, I didn’t get you one! Happy Birthday!


Women deserve to have more than twelve years between the ages of twenty eight and forty.


A few years ago you were young and smart,
but know you are becoming an old fart…
Happy birthday!


I couldn't choose between all those cool gifts,
so I didn't bought you anything…
But just by being here with you and giving you a lot of attention,
I most be the most perfect gift there is!
Enjoy your birthday!


I was gonna make you a rum cake but now it’s just a cake and I’m drunk.


Tomorrow is still a mystery.
Yesterday is already history.
And today it is your BIRTHDAY!


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