Favorite and amazing 24 Gucci Mane Quotes compilation

Favorite and amazing 24 Gucci Mane Quotes compilation

gucci mane quotes

Radric Davis (born February 12, 1980),better known by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American rapper.

“A lot of times when you keep it real with somebody, you can't expect them to keep it real with you.” — gucci mane quotes


“A lot that was happening in 2005, 2006, good and bad, the beats reflected it. It was a lot of money around. People was making music to throw money to.Ain't got no comparison and I ain't being arrogant.” — gucci mane quotes


“Before I make an action, think about the consequences. … Any decision I make is a heavy decision.” — gucci mane quotes


“How you dress on the outside, it represents your soul.” — gucci mane quotes


“I decided I was gonna call myself cause Gucci Mane cause that was my father's name. His nickname was Gucci Mane. That's what my grandmother called my father.” — gucci mane quotes

 “People would call me Gucci Mane every now and then, but honestly, that was his name.” — gucci mane quotes


“I don't give a damn how you feel about me, I sip lean pure codeine and I don't give a damn what you say about me.” — gucci mane quotes


“I feel like I'm a trendsetter. I try to always stay on the edge of everything I do, whether it be music, fashion, film. I just like to stay abreast of what's going on. What's going on in the street and what's going on in the hood I put in my music and I feel like a lot of people follow that.” — gucci mane quotes


“I had given thought to acting, but I never really had a good enough opportunity or a character who made sense and paralleled my life a little bit. I feel like I'm one of the poster boys for a bad guy in a movie. I feel like I'm a good person to play a bad guy in a movie. I can say that.” — gucci mane quotes


“I stay higher than giraffe pussy” — gucci mane quotes


“I usually record all through the night, but I'm known for waking up early in the morning. Even if I had recorded till 3 or 4 in the morning I might wake up at 9 or 10. I never sleep till 1 o clock.” — gucci mane quotes


“I will keep on hurdling and keep on hustling.” — gucci mane quotes


“I would collaborate with James Franco as a rapper any day.” — gucci mane quotes


“If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce.” — gucci mane quotes


“I'm a big bike fan – my homies got Harleys and all kind of choppers – but to be honest I'm scared to ride motorcycles like that.” — gucci mane quotes


“I'm just a careful person around wheels and stuff like that. I try to be as cautious as I can, cause I lost friends to motorcycle accidents and car accidents. So I don't ever play around anything like that.” — gucci mane quotes


“I'm not a fan of anybody music who I feel like a sucka. I don't listen to you. They play you in the club, you can have the #1 jam, but if I know your character, how can I listen to your music?” — gucci mane quotes


“I'm satisfied and proud of the things I did – even the bumps and the bruises that I've had on the way. You fall down, you get up, you brush yourself off and you keep going. And that's what we're doing.” — gucci mane quotes


“I'm so high, it's so lonely up here” — gucci mane quotes


“My goal is to drop 10 projects in 2013. All albums. I gotta do it. I know the 10 projects I want to drop.” — gucci mane quotes


“Sometimes you almost have to laugh to keep from crying to deal with the pain associated with the 'hood.” — gucci mane quotes


“That fame monster's a fool, man. It really is.” — gucci mane quotes


“There's a little exhaust pipe leaking gasoline, and that gasoline is how good your music is, the gasoline is how you have relationships with people.” — gucci mane quotes


“When all my hard work is getting recognized. It makes me work even harder.” — gucci mane quotes


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