best 20 birthday quotes for stepmom

best 20 birthday quotes for stepmom

Wish your stepmother a happy birthday with a loving quote,birthday quotes for stepmom

birthday quotes for stepmom


As a child, I never expected you to be like my first mother. But the truth, love and honesty in your character surpassed all expectations I could ever have from a second mother. Happy birthday stepmom.


You have never discriminated against me just because I am not your real child. Then why should I discriminate against you just because you are not my real mother? Happy birthday mom.


I love everything about Disney movies except the fact that they have always portrayed stepmothers as evil women. In reality, stepmothers like you are the angels which bring broken families together. Happy birthday to my dearest stepmother.


You have calmly tolerated my anger and patiently put up with my resentment. But nothing is in vain because today, you can proudly say that you have a found a daughter in me. Happy birthday.


When you came into the family, I accepted you only because dad loved you. But now I am so fond of you, it is becoming hard to accept that I found it hard to accept you earlier. I love you, happy birthday stepmom.


I always understood that dealing with your new husband’s daughter is not exactly what you want to do just after getting married. And you always understood that dealing with my father’s new bride after my mom’s death was not exactly what I wanted to do in my teens. We both have perfectly understood each other from the start. Happy birthday to my understanding stepmother.


You have proved that the stereotype of the ‘evil and wicked stepmother’ is a conspiracy to divide all the stepchildren and stepmothers of the world. More power to loving stepmothers like you. Happy birthday.


Someone should make a movie about our lives so that the whole world can see that a stepdaughter-stepmom relationship can be fun and loving too. Happy birthday to the woman who brought happiness in my life when it was most needed.


You are my half mother but my wishes for you can never be half hearted. Happy birthday to my dearest stepmom.


You have proved that stepmoms are not just young gold diggers, trophy spouses or pretty bimbos because you are a devoted wife, committed mother and an awesome nurturer. Happy birthday to my dearest stepmom.


You have always shown great regard and respect for my late mother even though you had no reason to. And that is why I will always show great regard and respect for you. Happy birthday to my dearest stepmother.


My life became pitch dark after the death of my mother. But after you came into the family, the radiance of your motherly love brought back the light in my life. Happy birthday to the most amazing stepmother ever.


When I lost my mother, I thought I lost everything in life. I never expected that in return, I would gain a friend, sister, agony aunt and a guide in the form of a stepmother. Happy birthday.


You can never be my real mom but as a stepmom, there couldn’t have been anyone else who could have been more caring, loving and nurturing than you. Happy birthday.


I used to hate the fact that dad loved you so much. But as the years have gone by, I have realized that you are a wonderful person. Now I see why dad loves you so much and brought you home as his new wife. Happy birthday to my stepmom.


Popular culture says that stepmothers are wicked, cruel, malicious and cold. But my stepmother has all the exact opposite qualities and a heart of gold. Happy birthday stepmom.


Any woman can be an amazing second wife to her husband. But it takes a strong character to be a loving stepmother to a rebellious teenage stepson like me. I haven’t been the best stepson but I do appreciate your efforts to bring the family together. Happy birthday step-ma.


You are an awesome stepmother because you have always stepped up to all the responsibilities of your new home, new husband and new kids. Happy birthday, we love you mom.


Your entry in this family came at time when my parents were going through a bitter divorce. But you are such a sweet person, that the bitterness dissolved into a happy family atmosphere once again. Happy birthday to my stepmom.


Everyone in the family was skeptical to accept you as dad’s new wife. But I was the only one who was not, because I have always trusted all my dad’s choices. Happy birthday to my loving stepmom.



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