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happy 18th birthday quotes

“18? a wonderful year, happy 18th birthday quotes or wishes can be funny,or serious, now enjoying our best happy 18th birthday quotes and wishes.” 

“Happy 18th birthday!   You are already an old soul. You're definitely ready to be an adult, when it's okay to think more about yourself, you think only of others. ” 

“Welcome to the adult's world, a crazy world,funll of sunshine and saints.Happy 18th birthday!” 


“Happy 18th Birthday! all the best to you on your birthday! A wonderful life is waiting for you.” 


“Everyone can only be 18th birthday one time…so enjoy this absolute best day of your life! Happy 18th Birthday!” 


“You are a young adult. Now you are an adult, you can legally vote. Vote for the right party and happiness will find you. Happy 18th birthday!” 


“You might get to drive and vote since you're 18 now but it's officially the last time you'll get to cry over spilt milk to get what you want! Welcome to adulthood and wish you a very Happy 18th Birthday.” 


“I want to raise a toast and make you a Birthday wish. But since you've just turned 18, I'm sorry I can't legally do that! Happy 18th Birthday!” 

“One of the most great experiences is crossing over that line to eighteen.” 


“From credits cards to cars to homes, welcome to the world of making grown-up purchases, miss! Happy 18th birthday.” 


“From 8 to 18, you've left your childhood cocoon to a full-grown butterfly now. Happy birthday from many miles away to the newest, prettiest adult in town.” 


“Here's a hundred and one hugs for the sweetest girl on this continent. Happy 18th birthday!” 


“Behind every great man is a woman with a hostage.” – Jim Kinloch 


“Keep getting older, because aging a little each year beats the alternative. ” 


“Finally you will be allowed to legally do all the things that make life worth living. Happy 18th birthday.” 


“I hope your eighteen birthday is as much fun as you. I hope your eighteen birthday is as sexy as you. ” 


“Do you know what turning eighteen means? It means going to college and getting a part-time job, which sucks. Happy 18th birthday.” 

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