17 amazing quotes about 45th birthday

45th birthday quotes,messages,sayings and wishes.

45th birthday quotes
Congratulation on your 45th birthday. It is so nice to be young, dynamic and full of energy. Can you remember that?

Her beauty is timeless,
her spirit is forever young
Happy 45th birthday my sister,
Don’t forget to have fun.

No you are not turning 45, but 38 with 7 years of experience. Congratulations on your birthday.

No words can describe how proud I am of you big brother. Happy 45th birthday, and may the next 45 years be even better than the first!

Congratulations to your 45th birthday. Don`t be sad. It could be worth. Just imagine you could tirn 54 today.

I know you as my brother, as the father of your beautiful children, as a caring and kind husband to your wife, as a great professional at your job and most of all, as a great friend to me and many others. Happy 45th birthday to a brother that I am so very lucky to have.

How do you know you’re old? Let me count the ways!
For starters your language changes and you start to use the phrase
“I remember way back when,” or “Oh, those sure were the days!”
You’ll start noticing changes in your body as this phase
Starts to set in firmly, changing forever your ways.
You might start to understand some of your father’s craze.
Your memory might start to be blurry, or haze.
And you remember all of the other forty-four birthdays!

Happy 45th Birthday, Old Man!

All the best wishes for your 45th birthday. Please be carefull as it is statisticly proofen that too many birthday can end deadly.

How many years has it been? Why 45 of course! Happy 45th birthday to a brother who needs no introduction. It’s been a blast with you.

Today you turn 45 years old
I’m here to give you a birthday wish
That as you venture into this brand new age
You remember your loyal big sis.


You are getting wiser with the age. Does that mean you are becoming a philosopher now


It’s your 45th birthday, bro! Who would have thought we’d make it this far. At any rate, your a great brother to have around, and I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me on your big day.


Happy 45th birthday to the best brother a person could ask for! It’s been a lot of years that we’ve been siblings, and I can’t say all of them have been easy (wink), but you’re a great brother to have and I wish you a happy day.


Our bond is stronger than the entire world
Our friendship will last forever
So happy 45th birthday sis,
I hope it’s the best birthday ever.


Happy birthday, brother! You’re 45 now, and so it’s probably about time you start acting like an adult. You know, shaving, showering daily?


If the candles do not fit on the birthday cake anymore you know you are getting old. It is getting a little narrow with 45 candles don`t you thing?


I am sending you 45 cuddles and 45 kissses on your 45. Birthday. Have a real nice birthday


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